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TimeSense Cloud Web Based Biometric System

Managing your staff leave, Time and Attendance needs Globally

Scalability with ease of use
The system can be adapted to your business: from a single site SME to a global corporation delivers a streamlined answer to the enduring problem of managing your staff leave and time recording by our east to deploy facial recognition technology. Solution suited to enterprises where hygiene is a priority suchas healthcare, quick service restaurants and food manufacturing. Requires no cards eliminating buddy bunching improving time recording and staff productivity. Solution can be deployed globally managed via a single web portal, multiple roles with performance monitoring Dashboard and HR reports. Can be integrated into third party ERP/Payroll systems via supported API’s or integrated with our BusinesSense platform. Ideal for operations where staff maybe required to wear gloves such as warehouse, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Leave request Management
Ensure you have the right people available through your busy periods by placing constraints on particular events with our “Restricted” days feature.

  • Create your own custom leave types, choosing whether they require approval, affect allowance time, who they are available to and who can see them.
  • You can setup your own leave type for Sick Leave, allow staff members to report another staff member off (up to 1 day max) and set who can see this leave type.
  • Block out days as Public/Bank Holidays, or days where staff members are restricted from booking any leave.
  • Bulk enter leave bookings for your staff members, handy for company days, Christmas or festive period shut down

Policies & Restrictions
Make your team adhere to your rules by implementing restrictions within WhosOff, from minimum department levels to staff v staff blocks.

  • Setup restrictions between staff members where by a member of staff cannot clash leave with another member of staff.
  • Yearly limits help restrict (by leave type) maximum time staff can take

If your company allows staff members to carry leave from one year to the next, there are procedures to handle how much leave staff members can carry and also a yearly carryover tool to help handle the carryover process.

Time and Attendance (T&A) Key features

  • Data is sent encrypted to ensure protection and security.
  • PUSH: Real time HTTPS communication.
  • Biometric facial geometry identification algorithm
  • Infra-red optical system enables identification in poorly lit environments
  • Terminal can be remotely managed
  • Fast staff enrollment
  • Easy to install, scalable tracks your growth
  • Supports Mifare RFID cards
  • Access Control

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