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TrueVue RFID Retail Inventory Solution

RFID Inventory Intelligence
Traditional inventory management methods can’t keep pace with today’s connected consumer demands. TrueVUE’s Inventory Intelligence is designed to help using RFID technology and robust inventory software to collect meaningful insights that enable a more personalized customer experience through better inventory visibility.

Our Inventory Intelligence solutions use RFID-enabled hardware and a robust software platform to collect near real-time analytics on merchandise as it moves throughout the store. This virtual sightline into enterprise-wide inventory helps reduce costly distortion by establishing solid accuracy by item and location. Armed with this valuable data, retailers can:

  • Improve inventory accuracy, assortment planning and store allocation with clear, near real-time visibility into your inventory across all enterprise locations.
  • Minimize out-of-stock and overstock conditions with more frequent cycle counts and sales floor replenishment.
  • Reduce markdowns and drive revenue by ensuring all sellable merchandise is properly displayed on the sales floor.
  • Establish a solid foundation for successful unified commerce with enhanced inventory visibility across the enterprise to effectively and confidently fulfill customer orders.

Today’s consumers want answers quickly.
TrueVUE On-Floor Visibility helps keep your shelves stocked and shoppers satisfied with dynamic store- and enterprise-wide inventory control. This integrated solution combines RAIN RFID technology and TrueVUE software to show what’s on the selling floor and help quickly locate specific items by style, color and size.
Frequent, fast RFID cycle counts feed accurate, item-level data to user-friendly software to help easily and efficiently maintain your sales floor inventory. This deep level of insight shows associates exactly what items need to be replenished to help eliminate out-of-stocks and confidently fulfill orders from any channel. With TrueVUE’s mobile interactive restocking application, associates gain on-demand access to these insights to help replenish missing merchandise even faster.

On-Floor Visibility’s collection of cloud-based, actionable dashboards and reports include:

  • At the Store Level
  • Current inventory levels
  • Items needing to be restocked
  • Misplaced items
  • Complete out-of-stocks
  • At the Enterprise Level
  • Roll-up of store performance data
  • Drill down to individual store and associate performance data
  • TrueVue enables retailers to deliver an enhanced
  • shopper experience
  • Maximized on-floor availability
  • Improved inventory accuracy
  • Real time visibility to replenishment
  • Increased sales and revenues
  • Foundation for unified commerce
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Supply Chain Intelligence
Without clear inventory visibility throughout the supply chain, you risk not meeting shopper or promotional needs and devaluing your products and brands. TrueVUE Supply Chain Intelligence helps by improving the traceability and visibility on your goods from the factory to the store to the consumer to protect and reinforce your brand. Using RFID technology and cloud-based analytics, you can easily track inventory and supervise supply chain procedures to help control shipping status and store inventory levels across the enterprise.

RFID Track & Trace
Supply Chain Track & Trace uses innovative RFID technology and cloud-based analytics to help track and control inventory throughout the supply chain. This user-friendly, mobile-enabled application offers real-time access to product flow data, providing smarter brand and customer protection.
With Track & Trace’s real-time reporting capabilities, data is read and synchronized through the central database to provide actionable analytics to allow retailers to:

  • Prevent counterfeiting with product traceability and identification at the item level
  • Detect gray market trading via audit reporting to help brand owners combat market diversion
  • Retrieve accurate item-level data and product history for gray market control
  • Monitor supply chain procedures— from supplier to DC to store— for increased operational efficiency
  • Improve decision making with real-time cloud-based analytics, powered by easy-to-use back office app
  • Ensure customer brand satisfaction and loyalty by verifying delivery and authenticity of genuine brand products